Wow… It’s been an exciting year! Since my last post in February of 2016, we have seen a staggering amount of changes, some good and of course with that comes some bad.

With the start of 2017, I wanted to take some time for a long overdue update, and in a following post I will also be shining some light on what we have planned for this year. That said and without further preamble 2016 has come and gone and some exciting things happened:

We secured some new relationships Рin addition to our current partners, we are now working with great companies like Exablox (now part of the Storagecraft family) which offers revolutionary scalable onsite storage solutions, Quorum who has truly changed the disaster recovery landscape, Turnkeyinternet that runs some of the only 100% green energy powered datacenters, and many, many more.

Also last year, we decided to increase our focus on security as well as data management. While we continue to strive to perfect our managed services offerings, we wanted to spend more time and effort on our security and data management portfolio. The world of¬†cyber crime has expanded by leaps and bounds and the technological world out there gets more and more dangerous by the day. This has brought about a greater need for us to be able to identify the potential vulnerabilities of our client’s, as well as being ready and equipped to take action to keep them and their data safe.

As for the bad… The unfortunate casualty of all of this progress has been our need to cease our offerings to the individual consumer clients. With our course being set firmly towards the horizon of serving the needs of businesses and enterprise, we made the decision not to split our attention between business and consumer markets. We believe this will free us up to continue offering the highest quality service and support to our clients.

Thinking back on 2016, there’s far too much to summarize in just one post, so please feel free to reach out to us any time to see what Caliburn Technology Services can do for you.

Keep an eye out for our next post for a taste of what’s to come!

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