Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions

Caliburn Technology Services can help ensure that your data is secure and available with a plan that’s custom fit to your needs


Local storage and Data availability solutions

Getting reliable results from your local backup solution requires proper planning, installation and management.  Not to mention the need to project growth, account for potential failures and have redundancy in case of disaster so that your data is always available when you need it. Caliburn Technology Services has the experience and staff to offer end-to-end solutions that work the first time and every time.


Offsite cloud or co-location services

The quality, availability and security of your vital data can be vastly improved by integrating cloud technologies. Working together with your in-house teams, we analyze your IT infrastructure, project the needs of your growing business and offer scalable storage solutions that ensure your data is always protected and available.


Business continuity

Maintaining disaster recovery solutions can cause nightmares for even the most seasoned IT professional, and true business continuity can be cost prohibitive even for those with the staff to support them. Caliburn Technology Services can help, we leverage the cost effective scalability of virtualization and the power of the cloud to offer the peace of mind that when disaster strikes your business won’t suffer. Business continuity can help you achieve less downtime, more productivity and help grow your business.


Managed backup and recovery

Whether it’s local, cloud or co-located, your backups are only good if they’re running without errors. A missed backup can mean disaster for your business. The cost in time, money and customer dissatisfaction can be staggering. That’s why Caliburn Technology services offers fully managed backup and recovery. We ensure that your backups are always up to date, running on schedule and that missing data is recovered at the speed of business.

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